As fate would have it, our founder was recruited one day into the heart of Denver to learn about and solve some of the most wicked problems of today. These aren’t wicked problems because they are evil necessarily, oh no, they are more devious than that. They are wicked problems because they are complex and extremely hard to solve. Problems such as Alzheimers, Homelessness, Childhood Obesity, Toxic Stress, and Chronic Pain Management. These are complex social and economical problems that place huge challenges on the entire global population.

At Brain Wrinkle, we accepted the challenge and decided to take on the wicked problem of mental health  management. We are working hard to find alternative, affordable solutions to one of the biggest problems facing our youth today.  We aspire to be a professional, quality resource for integrated healthcare support. Please contact us with any questions or comments as we blaze new trails toward new possibilities and opportunities.


PJ Nurrie, CEO

Our Mission: Promote mental health wellness with gaming technology that enables education, intervention, and prevention.

Our Values: Integrity, Transparency, Advocacy

Our Vision: Support individual agency and reduce the stigma of mental illness.